Explore Vertex G4 part modeling.


Archiving in Vertex G4, creating a new part and project.



User interface
Using Vertex G4 and its functions, using help.

Working with Vertex G4
Most important hot keys and mouse buttons and using archive browser.


Part modeling
Explore part modeling and sketching by sketching a basic shape and extruding it.

Revolved part
Create a part by sketching a shape to be extruded around the middle axis.



Linear pattern
Make equally placed attachment holes to a trailer's bottom.

Polar pattern
Make a hole to a hoop of a trailer's tyre by using guide curve and copy it around the circle.


Auxiliary geometry
Use auxiliary planes to help modeling.

Making drafts
Make a draft to a handle of a trailer's tongue.


Sweep along guide curve
Make a metal rod using guide curve.

Use the shell-tool to make a trailer's tongue.


Tangential surface chain offset
Make a trailer's fender using offset-tool.

Make a left-hand side and right-hand side axle holder using representations.


Sheet metal part
Make a sheet metal attachment plate and use bend-feature.

Sheet metal part 2
Make a sheet metal part by drafting the shape and making it sheet metal part.


3D-model from a 2D-drawing
Convert old drawings to 3D-models easily.

Using dimension table
Make one model which is easily modified in size.